Civil law

We assist our Clients in matters in the scope of broadly understood civil law. We offer comprehensive legal advice and professional representation in court.

We provide legal support, in particular in complex matters in the scope of insurance law, real estate transactions and inheritance matters. We are fully committed to each of the conducted cases, taking care of the smallest details and comfort of our Clients.

The range of services we offer in the scope of insurance rights includes claims for damages and reparations, including those under:

  • Wrongful performance or lack of performance of civil law contracts;
  • Medical errors;
  • Collisions resulting in bodily injury;
  • Road accidents and other events.

Other civil matters in which we can help you include:

Proceedings associated with matching the contents of land and mortgage register with actual legal status;

  • Updating entries in land and mortgage registers;
  • Determining the use of real estate, separating premises and abolition of joint ownership;
  • Legal services covering matters related to trading in and managing real estate (rent, lease, sale);
  • Consulting services in the scope of real estate trading by foreigners;
  • Inheritance matters – including cases regarding division of inheritance, ascertainment of the acquisition of inheritance, execution of the inheritance and legitim;
  • Preparation of Appeal Measures

If you require support in other matters in the scope of civil law, we kindly invite you to contact us.

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