Labour Law

We provide professional assistance to both parties of employment relationship – employees and employers. We are proud to say we have extensive experience in matters related to labour law, which allows us to deal with professional representation of Clients in even most complex disputes.

We provide advice when employment relationship is established and reliable analysis of the conditions of the parties. We prepare and negotiate contracts, as well as create and issue opinions on the regulations provided for in the labour law. If the circumstances of the case make it impossible to resolve a dispute in amicable way, we comprehensively represent our Clients before court.

In matters related to labour law, we provide:

  • Professional support in establishing an employment relationship. We prepare, inter alia, contracts of employment, non-competition, shared financial responsibility and other agreements, depending on the needs of our Clients;
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts for members of company bodies and management. We prepare and negotiate, inter alia, contracts of employment with board members and management contracts;
  • Creating and reviewing regulations, including work and remuneration regulations, depending on the needs of our Clients;
  • Preparation and giving opinion on civil law contracts;
  • Advice on the termination and modification of employment contracts;
  • Advice on the termination and modification of management contracts, including those concluded with management and company bodies;
  • Professional representation in proceedings concerning employee matters.

We also solve other problems of our Clients in the scope of labour law – the aforementioned list is non-exhaustive. If you require other type of support, our experienced team at SBBS will be able to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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