Family Law

We provide effective legal assistance in difficult and delicate matters in the scope of family and custody law. If the circumstances of the case allow to strive for amicable settlement, we support the parties in reaching a satisfactory agreement. In case this turns out to be impossible, we engage in professional representation of the interests of our Clients in court proceedings.

Family and custody matters require the lawyer not only excellent subject-related preparation, but also empathy and sensitivity to the welfare of minors. Our experienced team at SBBS takes individual approach your problems in the scope of family law. We approach each case with full commitment, looking for the most optimal solution, considering the best interests of the parties and minors.


In matters related to family law SBBS Law Firm professionally represents the parties in proceedings concerning:

  • Separation;
  • Divorce;
  • Division of community property;
  • Awarding alimony;
  • Determination of paternity;
  • Limiting, depriving or suspending parental authority over minor children.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive legal advice regardless of the stage of the case and reliable analysis of legal and actual situation. If you are struggling with the problem in the scope of family and custody law, we kindly invite you to contact our Firm.


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