Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law

As part of the bankruptcy and rehabilitation law practice, we provide comprehensive services to companies and individuals. We provide professional support at each stage of these complicated procedures. We offer ongoing legal advice, preparation of required letters and documents and representation of our Clients at the pre-court, court and enforcement stage.

In matters related to bankruptcy and reorganization law, we represent both creditors and debtors. We provide support not only in the course of proper liquidation proceedings, but also in proceedings with the option of settlement and reorganization. Only carrying out these proceedings with constant support of professionals allows for continued existence of the company and secures rights and interests of creditors.

We offer professional support in the scope of:

  • Determining rights and obligations of entrepreneurs, natural persons and bodies of capital companies in the face of actual or future insolvency;
  • Preparing applications for declaration of bankruptcy;
  • Representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Providing advise in the scope of restructuring of bankrupt companies;
  • Advising and representing creditors and debtors in the course of proper liquidation proceedings, including the option of settlement and reorganization;
  • Verifying and challenging list of receivables as well as submitting claims;
  • Developing and giving opinions on repair plans and settlement proposals;
  • Conducting proceedings in the scope of exclusion of assets from the bankruptcy estate;
  • Representation at the meetings of creditors’ committees and creditor assemblies;
  • Supervision over the activity of bankruptcy proceeding bodies in matters such as liquidation of bankrupt property, valuation, preparation and execution of partition plans.

Bankruptcy and reorganization law is an extremely complex branch of law, requiring experienced lawyers with in-depth knowledge of substantive issues. Our team will be happy to assist you also in matters of bankruptcy and reorganization law that are not listed above.

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