Restructuring law is an important area of expertise at SBBS Law Firm. High degree of specialization and substantive knowledge allows us to provide participants of restructuring proceedings with legal assistance of the highest quality.

In the scope of restructuring law, we provide support to entrepreneurs, limited liability and joint-stock companies not conducting business activity, partners in partner companies and partners in partnerships who are liable for the obligations of the company with all their assets. The premise allowing for initiating a restructuring proceedings is insolvency of the company or the threat thereof.

As part of the restructuring process:

  • We offer professional analysis of property and financial situation of the company in order to determine the permissibility of conducting restructuring proceedings;
  • We prepare comprehensive legal opinions, considering the purposefulness and risks associated with restructuring;
  • We prepare preliminary and final restructuring plan;
  • We represent Clients in arrangement proceedings, summary arrangement proceedings, proceedings for approval of the arrangement and sanation proceedings.

Each time we help to choose appropriate form of restructuring, tailored to the needs and capabilities of specific company. When developing a comprehensive action plan, we account for legal and financial situation of the company. If you can’t find the area in which your company requires assistance on the aforementioned list, we kindly invite you to contact our Law Firm.

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