Local Self-Government and Organizational Units of National Forests

SBBS Law Firm provides legal services to local government units and organizational units of National Forests (Forest Inspectorates). Thanks to experts from SBBS Firm Team and their extensive experience, we offer comprehensive consultations, legal opinions and professional court representation in court and administrative cases.

The scope of services provided by SBBS Law Firm in the scope of legal services for local self-governments and organizational units of National Forests includes:

  • Ongoing legal advice and drawing up opinions on local government units in the field of, among others municipal economy, environment protection, real estate management, construction law, public procurement law, law and other matters, depending on legal and extra-legal circumstances.
  • Professional opinions on internal management of local self-government units, as well as draft contracts and agreements.
  • Legal services for municipal organizational units.
  • Comprehensive legal advice in the field of public procurement law, both for local self-government units as well as forest inspectorates.
  • Reviewing draft resolutions of local government units and organizational units of National Forests.
  • Legal support during negotiations conducted by local self-government or organizational units of National Forests.
  • Legal supervision over proceedings involving Forest Inspectorates, including excluding forest land from forestry production, regulation of forest land ownership, as well as matters related to hunting damages or contractual penalties under timber sale contracts and other contracts, depending on legal and actual situation.

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