Economic and Commercial Law

We provide permanent and ongoing legal services to companies in the scope of economic and commercial law. We offer comprehensive services, providing legal advice and substantive support at each stage of running the company, as well as in disputes. We will provide support in the selection of the most optimal form of conducting business and comprehensive services at each of subsequent stages of your company’s operation.

Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer services of the highest quality to both large and smaller entities of economic and commercial law. We offer full legal support making it easier for entrepreneurs to make accurate business decisions. In the event of a dispute that cannot be solved in amicable way, we offer professional representation of our Clients in court, before administrative bodies and offices.

In the scope of economic and commercial law, we offer:

  • Ongoing and permanent legal services for business entities, including commercial law companies;
  • Support and advice in the scope of establishing and registering of companies, branches and representatives of foreign entities;
  • Legal services for corporations, including development of changes of contracts and regulations, drafting regulations of management boards and supervisory boards, preparation of shareholders’ meetings, general shareholders’ meetings, etc.;
  • Professional advice in negotiating contracts between partners or shareholders at the stage of forming companies and their recapitalization as part of investment agreements with investors;
  • Consulting services in the scope of reducing and increasing share capitals;
  • Support for redemption of shares during mergers, acquisitions, transformations, purchasing and acquiring enterprises, as well as during liquidation of companies, registration of associations and foundations;
  • Developing contracts and pursuing claims related lack of performance or wrongful performance of trade agreements;
  • Developing analysis of legal condition of commercial companies;
  • Preparing interviews on economic, legal and financial condition of the company;
  • Comprehensive representation in court proceeding, before other adjudicating bodies and office in civil, commercial, criminal, fiscal, administrative matters;
  • Representing companies in recovery and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Representing members of supervisory boards and management boards in matters related to criminal and civil liability;
  • Appealing from resolutions of partners’ meetings and general shareholders’ meetings.

The aforementioned list is non-exhaustive. If you require different type of legal service in the scope of economic and commercial law, we kindly invite you to contact us.

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