Energy Sector

We provide legal services for energy sector. We address our services at, among others, conventional power, liquid fuels, gas, heating sectors as well as renewable and unconventional energy sources industry.

Comprehensive legal advice offered by SBBS Law Firm includes in particular modernization of existing solutions and support in making new investments. We stand behind our Clients in negotiations, investment and concession processes. At each of these stages we remain at full disposal, offering ongoing advice and representation before administrative authorities and in court proceedings.

Within this area of expertise, we provide:

  • Support on regulatory issues, such as concession and tariff decisions, traffic instructions and operation of distribution and industrial networks.
  • Advice in the scope of implementation of broadly understood investment projects.
  • Support in matters related to environment protection, starting from the investment stage and in the course of further operation of the installation.
  • Professional representation in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office as well as public administration authorities and courts.
  • Negotiating and drawing contracts as well as analysing documents provided by the Client – including transmission contracts, contracts on the acquisition of property and other rights in the scope of energy law.

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