Debt Collection

One of the areas of expertise of SBBS Law Firm is providing services in the scope of broadly understood debt collection. Debt collection executed with the support of experienced lawyers is usually faster and more effective. We provide our Clients with comprehensive services.

We provide consulting services, help in determining legal and actual status of the case, and we also guide our Clients through each recovery stage – from amicable proceedings through court proceedings to enforcement proceedings.

At each of the stages leading to the recovery of receivables, we prepare necessary documents and court papers. We provide professional representation of our Clients before courts. We meet the expectations of entrepreneurs that want to efficiently recover company receivables by:



Professionally handling negotiations with debtors;

  • Drawing up orders for payment and other documents required at the pre-court stage;
  • Preparing motions for initiating mediation or calls for settlement;
  • Representing our Clients in courts, including writ-of-payment and enforcement proceedings, as well as in electronic writ-of-payment proceedings;
  • Representing our Clients at the enforcement stage, including preparing all the required documents and executing constant supervision over the enforcement;
  • Comprehensive representation in security proceedings.

There are many more situations in which debt recovery may require professional support. If you need assistance of another type, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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